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Road to Civilization (instalment 4)

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Hello guys, this is by far the craziest edition of „Road to Civilization“ kind of episode recorded so far. I and my cousin Honza traditionally on foot head towards the civilization. This time our destination is the Poděbrady lake where a massive party is happening.

I felt obliged to explain some aspects of this recording in advance – that’s why I pre-recorded an introduction to it. I also singled out and corrected three mistakes that occurred throughout this episode.

If you enjoy listening to crickets chirping, dogs barking, cars revving and me and my cousin featuring in an explosion of a meaningless chatter during our walking journey to the party destination, this is exactly the right episode for you. And what else can you expect? Some live TESCO shopping, my cousin taking charge of the recording device, some live drinking, musing on various topics which sprang to my mind on our way, and amazingly a urinating guy.

So sit back and enjoy listening to this somewhat unusual episode.

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