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Tuesday English Eves in Kafe do vany (Brno)

0 2021

This has been a long tradition which originally evolved from regular classes cca 7 years ago… and changed into quite informal but regular weekly classes for my friends.

Then last year I got the idea to open these REGULAR English Tuesday evenings to the public (for very well hidden advertising purposes – which is not bad, it only means it’s still going to be free of charge… ;-) )

Simply: whoever wants to have a little “kind-of” teacher organized chat in English on various subjects for free – come and join us. You can also bring up any topic you´d like to speak about… Feel free to ask questions either on vocabulary or grammar or whatever else you want. Some of your questions might be answered. Anyway, you´ll see if you like it or not. And if you think some of your friends may be interested in a free English class let them know and bring them along!

Every and each Tuesday 6 pm in Kafe do vany, 31 Údolní St, Brno, CZ, Europe. lasts 90 mnts roughly.

expected levels: basically anything from pre-pre-intermediate up to upper-intermediate

C U there or B square,


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