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Zdenek’s English Podcast: Pepson’s Holiday in England

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Would you like to know what one of my conversation lessons may actually be like? Well, this is your chance because I recorded an interview with my friend Pepa, who is by the way a glider pilot, about his holiday in England. In this edition of ZEP, you can also hear an invitation message from Martin Smutek, the author of

Before the interview, I tried to do my best to justify my decision to record a pre-intermediate student for this podcast whose language means and speaking confidence may not be at the highest level. It has to do with my teaching beliefs and personal methods. The interview proper features Pepa who decided to take his girlfriend to Bristol to visit his friend John. How did Pepson cope with driving on left?

How is his friend John doing and who destroyed his solar panel? Did Pepson have a opportunity to go to an air show? Did he do some shopping? To what extent did he manage to practice speaking English? You will find out the answers and much more when you press the play button.

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