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Zdenek’s English Podcast: Homophones 1 & Robin from Batmobile episodes

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Hello everyone, right before Christmas I have got a treat for you: Two episodes. In the ‚Homophones 1‘ episode I take a look at the language phenomenon which is commonly known as homophones.

Primarily, I try to explain what homophones are and how one can recognize them. For this edition, I chose 4 examples. I explain what they mean and how they are used. As there are many more occurrences of homophones in English language, I actually plan to record the homophones episodes on instalments.

Moreover, like always, I answer some random questions: What film am I looking forward to see? What aspects of language do I particularly like to teach? What sort of mood do I need to be in order to record a good episode of the podcast? How can you separate a pair of jeans or scissors? How can you agree in English? Can my dog speak English? How bad is my American accent? (It’s awful, I have just listened to it big smile) Will you get the Czech joke of a British binge drinker who comes drinking to the Czech Republic? Why do I think I don’t have a girlfriend in my bed? What animal species can you find in my room? Where do humans normally have hairs? Most importantly, I will reveal my dog’s name and you better wait for this!

In the second episode I am interviewing Pepa aka known as Mr. Awesome. In September this year he took part in a competition called Red Bull Flying Day. Get in for some awesome humour and obviously some traditional questions will be answered: What kind of guy is Pepa? What did he study? What was the competition about? How did Pepa do in it? What are Pepa’s future plans? And much more. You can watch the highlights from the show here. Batmobile competes at 9:32, you can also clearly see Pepa there. Hope you will enjoy both of them.

Have fun and don’t forget to post any sort of comments in my facebook group or on :)


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