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ZEP: IT talk with Pavel (parts 1&2)

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Hello everyone, after years of arduous persuasion, my friend and uni classmate Pavel agreed to record an episode of the podcast with me. Since the interview is somewhat long, I divided it traditionally into two parts. Pavel works as an IT technician so the theme for this podcast suggested itself. This show is about computers and the internet. If you happen to notice a skipping music, it is just a mirage :)

What’s Pavel’s cup of tea job-wise? Why does Pavel suggest that I should divide my podcast into two channels? What are some aspects of he Information Age that we are now living in? What is a solar storm and what could it cause? What are some health risks when using computers? Does clicking the mouse and madly pressing the keyboard buttons burn calories? Can playing computer games make people violent? Is Pavel a typical IT geek? What’s the plural of a computer mouse?

We were already half way through the recording when the serious tone of the topic gradually started getting out of control. If you press the play button, you will be also able to hear us discussing cockroaches, formatting PC, touching software, viruses, noobs, reasons for Pavel’s language improvement and more. Have a good listen!

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