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5 Brand New Episodes of Zdenek’s English Podcast

1 3022

Hello to my regular listeners and hi to any accidental ones, I have had a bit more time lately and I decided to spend it on recording/editing and publishing some new episodes of Zdenek’s English Podcast.

Welcome to Zdenek’s English Podcast

First of all, I rerecorded the very first episode I have ever done and named it „Welcome to Zdenek’s English Podcast“. I believe this one in particular might be useful for accidental visitors as by listening to it, you will learn what this podcast is all about. You will difinitely find out what were and are my intentions behind it.

A Word with a Future Manager Working in London

In another edition of the podcast called „A Word with a Future Manager Working in London“ I got together with my university classmate Monika, who is currently living and working in London to speak about her experiences working there.

A Beer with Cyberman

In the episode called „A Beer with Cyberman“ I had a beer with a scientist-to-be and also my former student Eduard who basically claims that immortality will be possible for humans in future.

The Betrayal

In the episode „The Betrayal“ you will have a unique chance to hear about my pain of being betrayed. Besides I will read you a poem by Walt Whitman and also teach you some useful vocabulary related to the topic of betrayal.

Road to Civilization

And lastly, I found, edited and published a long-lost recording from autumn last year. For experts of the podcast I should say that it basically is another from the popular series about me and my cousin’s journey to the town, commonly known as „Road to Civilization“.

I hope you will find some time to have a listen to any of the five episodes. Don’t forget you can subscribe and make a comment (you can even record a very cool up to 3-minute audio comment) here and there is also Zdenek’s English Podcast Facebook group where you can get up-to-date information about my new episodes as well as give me some valuable feedback and encouragement in the form of comments or simply by pressing the like button.

Take care of yourselves.


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