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An Interview with Sir Luke Thompson

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This is by far the greatest moment for this podcast so far. For this interview I travelled to Great Britain to meet up with Luke Thompson, a stand-up comedian, English teacher and most importantly the person who made Luke’s English Podcast – the best English podcast for English learners on the internet. Just to remind everyone, he also happens to be the reason I started doing my own podcast. The whole interview was recorded in St. James’s Park in London.

In the first part, you will have a chance to discover how it feels to meet your idol. How badly can it affect your English? How and why did I come across Luke’s English Podcast and which was the first episode I heard? Which specific TV series do we talk about? How should language teachers teach today? How does Luke do the impression of the announcer that I recorded on a ferry? Who was the first weird character Luke and I saw in the park during recording this interview and what was he doing?

If you wish like to hear Luke at his best and know the answers to the questions above, don’t hesitate and press the play button. Note that the whole episode is unedited and I published it as it was originally recorded.

In the second part of this, you will find out What Luke’s initial reaction when I told him about my idea of starting my own podcast was. What would have Luke said to me if had been a lawyer? Where is Luke rightly drawing the line and what kind of advice is he giving me? What kind of motivating words does Luke give me and in what way does he think my podcast can become unique?

We also spend some time talking about Guillaume, the Swiss guy whom I interviewed in episodes 69 and 70, aplauding him for his courage and setting him as a great example to all English learners. What did Luke learn from doing his podcast? Has Luke’s English Podcast changed his life? When will Luke be completely satisfied doing the podcast? Can Luke imagine his life without the podcast? Which one would Luke give up, if he was forced to do it, the podcast or stand-up?

Luke also speaks about power and what it is like to do stand-up comedy. There is also a visitor in a form of a duck.

At the beginning of the third part, Luke will tell you what his friends think about him putting so much time into doing his podcast. After that we change roles on Luke starts asking me questions such as: What is my favourite thing about doing the podcast and what kind of episode I like doing most. Arguably, the icing on the cake of the whole interview is when Luke outlines a situation of a zombie attack in the park. I am asked to consider my first course of action and then we both speculate about the whole scenario. We keep enjoying discussing our possible options until we get interrupted by a stranger who asks us to mind a suspicious bag for him.

I am also called upon to answer the question how it feels to meet Luke from Luke’s English Podcast and rate my nervousity level on the scale from 1 to 10. Another point of discussion is Luke’s experience of learning French. The debate then moves to a more general level of learning process.

This amazing experience of meeting and interviewing Luke ends in a stylish way when Luke generously thanks me for the alcoholic gifts I brought him from the Czech Republic and says goodbye in his customary style.

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