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Zdenek’s Holiday in England

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In this 4-part series I am gonna be telling you all about my holiday in England which I went on in July 2014. So if you want to know what friends and other people I visited there, what experiences I had, and how it all made me feel, this is the right episode for you.

In part 1 you will get acquinted with my objectvies for this holiday. You will probably notice that I was in a kind of travel fever mode – excited about the whole trip so to speak.There are 3 entries altogether – one was recorded on a motorway in Germany and the remaining two aboard a ferry somewhere in the English Channel.

In part 2 you I can hear me talking in a slightly nostalgic way when crossing the English Channel on a ferry. There are 3 entries from Bristol: 2 in the middle of the Bristol Harbour Festival. John, Pepson and his girlfriend also make a short appearance. The final entry is recorded from Monika’s cofee shop in London right beforing meeting my Hero.

In part 3 I will be speaking about how I met Luke Thompson in London. It was an emotional moment for me since I felt completely starstruck. The first entry is recorded just about 15 minutes after the end of our meeting. You can clearly tell how jumbled up my thoughts were. By the way, this was the most edited entry of all entries of this 4-part holiday series as I found myself to be unable to speak fluently.

The meeting with Luke has clearly taken its toll. I did, however, try to fix it with a similarly ponderous reflection entry which I recorded the following day. Besides this predominant theme of meeting Luke, I also speak about my other experiences such as shopping, getting dehydrated, and visiting my friends, and as the icing on the cake, you can enjoy my fail of trying to convince my favourite kebab seller to say hi to the listeners of the podcast.

Finally in the last (fourth) part of this series, I will sum up my whole holiday in England. I will tell what kind of impact it had on me. I did publicly set myself an aim, which feels slightly binding now. The plan is ambitious and it is not going to be easy but there is no gain without pain. We will see what future brings and I can never know unless I really try to go for it.

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