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Crazy Talk with my Former Students

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This episode was recorded on the day I took the final test with my foreign students. In the evening, we went to a bar and drank a bit and I used the opportunity to introduce my students to my podcast. The conversation we had was totally unscripted so everything was recorded on the spur of the moment. The occasional ramble which was, however, at times mixed with profound debate was inevitable.

In a nutshell, we touch upon about various topics such as aliens, languages,parallel universes, literature, relationship anniversaries, studying for tests, babel and much more in a slightly random way. Incidentally, the first African on the podcast ever made an appearance. In addition, the immortal Eduard from the episode called “Beer with Cyberman” made his podcast comeback.

After publishing this one, I realized how much I miss all these guys. Hopefully we will hear from some of them again in the future.

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