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On Shopping with Monika

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Do you remember Monika from the episode A Word with a Future Manager Living in London? And do you remember how Monika invited me to visit her in th UK? Well guess what? I took her up on it this summer.

Obviously I couldn’t let the opportunity to do some podcasting with her slip through my fingers. We did this episode in the nick of time right before my departure.

So what can you expect from this one? First of all, you will have a chance to catch up with latest news about Monika and her promotion in Café Nero. Besides we will try to discuss some interesting idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs related to shopping.As ever Monika has a spot-on pronunciation and it is a real pleasure to have a conversation with her as he is such a cheerful person with wonderful sense of humour.

Don’t forget to leave comments (can be very short), messages in the facebook group or here ( you can even record an audio comment). Remember that any sort of feedback is highly appreciated and makes me want to do more and more episodes and interviews for you.

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