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Sticky Notes (Installment 1)

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This is a brand new improvised episode in which I decided to go through some of the sticky notes found in my room and explain the bits of vocab written on them.

I have recorded and uploaded it in a record time = in less than 2 hours, which has never happened on this podcast. For this reason this episode is a ground-breaking one. It will certainly give you a taste of what it is like when I record myself without editing. don’t forget that it is an improvised episode. Hence it brings a lot of hesitations, false starts as well as mistakes but on the other hand you can rest assured that this episode is authentic, and not at all artificial.

I am planning to make a list of corrections of the most serious errors I made in this edition. For this, please, watch the podcast facebook group.

If you find this interesting I might be tempted to record a sequel to this as there are still loads more sticky notes in my room. Just let me know what you think.

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