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Grammar? Good. But speak as well!

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DSC00104It was few years ago but I can still clearly remember my holiday trip to England. It was the first time I had been in a foreign country on my own. My English skills were somewhere around intermediate. To be more exact, my grammar skills were somewhere around intermediate. It took me only little time to find out my English skills were more or less useless. I felt like starting from scratch.

How did it happen? I simply tried to talk in English with a native speaker for the first time. In that moment all effort my former English teachers put in drilling all tenses seemed to be useless and funny. Everybody knows how difficult is to explain grammar.

Soon you will find grammar rules are not very important in a foreign country. Well it’s quite simple to remember the rule but not very easy to recall it and use properly in conversation with native speaker. You just can’t recall it this fast. People are often glad to figure out right words from their vocabulary and putting them into right order and tense can be mission impossible for them.

Talking in foreign language is completely different form writing. Of course when you’re chatting with somebody you need to use grammar properly. But you also have enough time to think about it or to correct your mistakes. But when it comes to talking with Englishman, Frenchman or German it’s good to know they won’t notice your mistakes or laugh at you because of your bad grammar. And after few conversations you will find out that native speakers are not speaking exactly according to the grammar rules. When you realize this you will stop focusing on the grammar while speaking.

So learn grammar, you will need it for writing. But also travel abroad. And don’t postpone it because your grammar level is still low. It’s not most important in studying a foreign language. And what’s your opinion on what is more important?

Grammar or the ability to speak?

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