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How to learn foreign language quickly

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A lot of people are trying to learn a foreign language so much they just can’t succeed . They try to cram the new vocabulary, learn grammar rules hard, but eventually end up discouraged and don’t want to study anymore. And they can study easily and have fun. How does it work?

Do what you enjoy

The most important thing in learning is to keep entertained. Play. Try learning a playful way. You can repeat just 10 words a day. Learn thematically, depending on what you do or see. When you see the results, you will enjoy it. When you will have fun learning, you will do it. You can start with very little and soon you will desire to know and learn more and more.

Be in touch with the language

The simpler the form is, the better you will remember what you are learning. Study doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to spend money on a time-limited language course. What will you do when the course ends? You can pay another one, or stop conversating and start to forget what you learned. Teach yourself constantly. Watch movies, visit websites in a foreign language – Be in contact with the foreign language and get it under your skin.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

You know it when you schedule a time when you want to study, and voila. You have something important to do and studying is over. If you want to really learn the language, it is very important to do it regularly. Especially when starting out. Better is 20 minutes per day over four hours – once every two weeks. With regular repetition of vocabulary and grammar the learning is faster and easier.

Study regularly

When starting out, the most important time for you are the first few weeks of the study. The human body and brain learning works on the principle of repetition and the main measure of success is longevity. It is said that we build and fix the new habits during the 21 days – 21 repetitions. You don’t have to stress or dramatically force yourself to study. Take it easy.

Bundle over time

Learn anytime you want. In the morning, at noon or at night. You can practice your vocabulary by listening MP3’s, as well as reading learning materials e.g. on the bus. With access to the internet you can practice and play anytime and anywhere. You do not need to study for hours and hours. Remember 20 minutes will do. Just study, when you have time.

Start right now

The rule of succes is simple, do first things that are just under the nose. Study right now. Delaying don’t solve anything. Just try, listen and repeat without fear and tension. When it’s time to move on, you will know it. You will begin to speak in a natural way by yourself. What is your plan for the next 20 minutes? You can start right away.

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