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Practice English by listening to music

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Listening music and watching movies in English are the most effective ways to improve your English listening skills by yourself in my humble opinion. It’s simple, you’re doing what you enjoy. What you would be doing anyhow. But sometimes it’s not easy to understand the lyrics of the pop music. The music on background makes it more difficult. Sometimes the singer is singing too fast. And sometimes the singer’s accent makes it impossible to understand. Nothing is lost though. There are lots of songs suitable for practicing listening. If you have some time to spare I would like to give you several tips.

The best thing you can do is to find lyrics of a song on the internet. Then read it while you’re listening it and absorb. Luckily there are lots of lyrics videos on youtube. In those videos you can see song’s lyrics while the song is playing. It’s more useful than watching music videos. And to spare you some time I’ll show you some useful videos. And to make it work I selected songs you can hear on radio. So you can practice it everytime you hear those songs on radio. First song I find very useful is Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden:

Songs by Beatles are very well known, so why not to use them to our advantage. It’s among others for example Yesterday:

My favorite If I Fell which is very easy to understand:

And Imagine by John Lennon:

One example from different genre is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, which you can hear practically everywhere.

I also recommend songs by Johnny Cash, here’s The Ring of Fire:

And finally What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong:

I selected these songs on purpose. They all contain simple English so they’re easy to understand. Do you find this post interesting? Do you want to know more songs? What genre would you prefer? Post your comments below.

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