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Summer Intensive courses

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Summer is the ideal time to improve language skills. Currently you can find a wide range of offers of variously long or short courses and different intensity courses on the market. So why not use the summer vacation to meet new people, have fun, and to especially improve your language skills and ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Those who give most importance to leaving the Czech Republic can take advantage of intensive courses abroad and combine a pleasant stay, for example by the sea, with effective education.

Changing the environment and the opportunity to use the target language in an authentic environment can be an excellent motivator, which allows you to not only involve language in real everyday situations, but very often it is much more effective than role-playing games and trying to include real-life situations in the classroom.

However, resourceful teachers can give students tips and advice on how to involve English in authentic situations in the Czech Republic too. After all, the intention is not to learn how to communicate with native speakers, but rather to be able to communicate with anyone. More non-native speakers of English than native-born are currently living in the world and the total number of English speaking people has reached one billion. So why not put yourself in the role of a tourist and try some English communicative situations in the CzechRepublic.

Try to go on a trip to Prague and buy a train or subway ticket at the booth in English, stop passers-by with map in hand and try to ask the way to Wenceslas Square or order a beer in a pub in English. You can refresh acquired knowledge for fun and to increase the effectiveness of intensive courses and you may not even need to be disappointed about studying the language in the Czech Republic rather than in London.

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