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If you are thinking about streamlining your learning process and don’t want to spend any more money or if you don’t have the time to attend a language course twice a week, try to use technology to expand your knowledge through applications, tutorial programmes, web courses and online exercises.

If you prefer to use a computer, then an extensive offer of exercises and videos can be found on the Internet, that you can make most of from the comfort of your home without the need of a teacher. If you are a complete beginner and have not made your mind up yet whether to invest in learning a new language, try the BBC language website, where you can learn some phrases first or try their mini course which is available in 33 languages.

This will definitely give you a better overview of how to communicate in the language and how the individual phrases look before you sign up for a group course or pay for individual tuition. Of course, this website and its applications will not replace fully fledged tuition but they can help you to increase the effectiveness of the course.

Another option is to use various applications that you can download to your smart phone or tablets and take it anywhere you wish, while putting into practice your skills on the go. You can download a special application for vocabulary, pronunciation, dictionary or irregular verbs, cards, phrases and games.

The source can be download application centres or websites of various textbook publishers and authors. If you have a tablet and an internet connection, you can try some of these games with phrasal and irregular verbs. Whatever type of tuition you decide on, do not forget about this extensive supplement offer that you can actively use at home, at work, on holiday or as an addition to a language course.

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  1. Povolání a slovesa? To je fakt vše? Navíc výběr zvláštních, málo používaných sloves. Snad jsou ještě jiné apps na výuku jazyků. Neznáte nějaké?

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