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ZEP: Funny Idioms Graduation Story

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Hello folks, this is the last concluding episode of the trilogy about funny idioms (40-42). I have never worked more on a single episode than this one. It is up to you my listeners to decide if my effort was worth it.

The episode 42 has two parts. In part No.1 I go through funny idioms that the facebook group members sent me as their favourites. The second part is dedicated to an autobiographical story which I wrote for you to wrap up the funny idioms series. The story is about my university graduation, especially about what preceded and followed. All the idioms that appeared on the previous two episodes will crop up in the story so the task is to pay close attention to how they are used. Massive thanks to Luke Thompson as well as to all those who inspired me to create the story. I would also like to point out that all the music and sounds I used in the story were borrowed with a non-commercial intention. Enjoy.

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