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ZEP: Talking Sports with Jirka (parts 1&2) & Road to Civilization (instalment 5)

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Hello ladies and gentleman, today I am presenting you three episodes at once. All of them revolve around the topic of sport. Firstly, there is a double episode for you in which I am interviewing my student Jirka. We decided to talk about sport in general. Secondly, you can enjoy the 5th instalment of Road to Civilization in which the main theme is this time football.

In the double episode with Jirka you will be able to find answers to the following questions: Is Jirka a sports person? How much sport does he do and what kind of sports he likes? Why does one need to do a lot of sport nowadays? What is windsurfing? Who is Roman Šeberle? What does one need to have to become a successful sportsman? Do football shoes made from kangaroo leather make you jump high?

Do you want to know what extreme sport is appealing to Jirka and what connection this actually has to Pepson, the guy from the Pepson’s Holiday episode? Can sport harm you? What do I and Jirka consider to be boring sports? What is the second meaning of the word “diving”? Are penalties about luck? Are all sports suitable for women? Which sportsman disappointed me? And most importantly, what the hell is offside? – I don’t know if we really managed to explain it.

Stay tuned, more interviews will follow.

“The Road to civilization” episode has an introduction which is almost longer than the main part itself. The idea behind this was to correct a few chosen mistakes which would occur throughout the second part of this edition but to be honest it kind of went out of control. So what can you expect in the first part? A lot of rambling, my intricate theory which explains why my English speaking ability is inconsistent in terms of its quality, my attempt to correct some problems from the “Road to Civilization” episode including “the green smurfs” slip. You can also learn different ways to say “shit”, and finally I practice saying “Ukraine” and “Ukrainian”. What are you in for in the second part? Well, a classic “Road to Civilization” episode which this time more or less revolves around the topic of football, Honza’s second attempt to take charge of the recording device, wedding party music, a lot of crickets chirping, slugs on our way, and ultimately a leaf which got stuck to my shoe sole. Have a good listen!

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