Blog Talks ZEP: Interview with Ethan including a vocabulary analysis: parts 1-3

ZEP: Interview with Ethan including a vocabulary analysis: parts 1-3

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On the English with Ethan

For the jubilee episode I decided to skypecall my mate Ethan, a native speaker from England. We first explain how we two got to know each, and reminisce about the last summer when we recorded an episode in Poděbrady.

After that, we move on to discussing various aspects of British culture. Does Ethan feel British or English? Why do British compete as one country in the Olympics? What kind of humour do British possess? Do the British always talk about weather? How is it with the phrase “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”? If you hang on listening till the end, you will get a reward. Wondering what a “bubble bum” is? The Czech President Miloš Zeman is willing to tell you.

Interview with Ethan: Vocabulary Analysis (part 1)

This is the longest episode I have done so far as it is over 1 hour long. It consists of two sections. The first (shorter) section, is a linear continuation of the skype interview with Ethan, a native speaker from England, from the previous episode number 50. The second section is, in fact, only the first part of the vocabulary analysis of the whole skype interview (episodes 50-51). It is not as complicated as it sounds smiley With Ethan we go through several deserve topics, such as girls,English weather, Ethan’s football carrier and languages. Famously, Ethan will prove that he can speak Czech and Russian. I also try to speak Russian a bit but I fail, which was not much shocking. In the vocabulary analysis section, I choose several expressions from the interview, which I think deserve more attention and I try to explain them. I give you more examples to show you how they are used. So if you want to know more about expressions like “every little helps”, “double entendre”, “to frown upon something”, “topsy turvy” and more, you had better play this episode now smiley At the end I tried to sing a “bye song” but don’t take this too seriously. Have a good listen!

Interview with Ethan: Vocabulary Analysis (part 2)

This is the final part of the three-part series of the interview with Ethan. First of all, I am going to practise using the expressions which I explained in the previous episode. I decided to do this in an authentic way – you will have a chance to take a glimpse at my messy room. Secondly, I am going to analyse selected vocabulary which didn’t make it through in the previous episode. If you keep on listening, you might also hear me talking about heavier subjects such as racism. Hopefully you will find this useful and you won’t find my opinions offensive in any way. If you do, I am open to a discussion and I might even reconsider what I said. I realize that some things I mused on are a slippery slope&dangerous ground&thin ice.

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