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ZEP: Guy from the Train

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Hello everyone, I have got another episode for you. This one is kind of unique in a way. Usually I know whom I am going to interview and often I prepare some questions related to the field of my interviewee, Yet, this is an utterly improvised one.

To put it simple, I met a guy on a train who turned out not to be shy and was able to speak English at an exquisite level. What’s more, he had a lot to talk about, namely, his experiences of living and working in Norwich, England. We touch upon various topics including his two jobs, the benefits of living in a foreign country, tips for reading in English and many many more. Since this guy’s experience is something I can relate to myself, there was a lot to discuss and we often agreed on many points. We exchanged our experiences and anecdotes. Incidentally, we explained the difference between a warehouse and whorehouse. I wish I could meet more people like this guy. I will probably never hear from him again because I made a huge mistake not getting any sort of contact for him :(

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