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ZEP: Jirka Back from the Himalayas

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This is the long awaited episode with Jirka, an estate agent from the Czech Republic, who went to conquer the Himalayas.

I interviewed him about his exciting experience after he came back which was about a month ago. Did all the members of the expedition survive the trip? How exciting was this experience for Jirka?

Did he reach Mera Peak? What was it like to acclimatize? What hiccups did Jirka have to undergo? How do climbers proceed on the summit day ascent? How did Jirka feel having to miss the icing on the cake? Do you want to know what the weather conditions were like? Who was safe on the roads of Lukla? What new words did Jirka pick up? Have a listen to find out the answers. Moreover, a bonus in the form of a short grammar analysis including a slightly awkward explanation of the third conditional follows :)

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