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A Bunch of New Episodes of Zdenek’s English Podcast

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Interview with Luke (Language Analysis)

This edition of the podcast is an indirect sequel to the interview with Luke Thompson, namely episode 75 – part 1.

I took out bits and pieces from our conversation, focusing on interesting vocabulary as well as the mistakes I commited and decided to analyse them. Besides giving you my own examples and throwing in more items of vocabulary which I have recently learnt, I am trying to respond to my critics who to a certain extent rightly suggested that I may have gone too far as to my emotions surrounding this for me important moment of meeting Luke.

Meeting Roman the Idiom Whizz

In this podcast episode you will have chance to listen to Roman, my countryman who happened to have passed the CPE exam at grade A.

In our interview we discuss various topics because Roman is an inspiring guy in various aspects. He is a passionate fisherman, a up-and-coming table tennis player and his spoken English is for a non-native speaker abolutely brilliant.

If you want to learn some useful English idioms and expressions, if you want to find out what the difference between table tennis and pingpong is and if you want to know how Roman managed to learn English to such a level and why he is now possibily wasting his talent, have a listen to this episode.

He is also looking for an opportunity to practice his English with high level speakers, ideally females as he claims to be single :).

John from Bristol

This episode was recorded in Bristol (England). It features my friend John who settled down there. As a part of my English holiday I visited him and we recorded this episode. We talk about various things such John’s previous and possible future job. As part of this, I learnt the word lollipopman by the way. We also touch upon solar panel energy, guinea pigs and last but not the least we think had about the position of Czech immigrants in British society. There is also a brief lesson into Czech history and I do the impression of a seagull.

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