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A Chat about Men and Women, Relationships, and Picking Up with Vika

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This episode features a recorded discussion which I had with my former private Ukrainian student called Victoria about 2 months. The theme was centred upon the popular subject of relationships, differences between men and women and picking up routines.

Part 1

Vika is an interesting young girl who has a lot to say on this topic and since her English is at advanced level, she is also very enjoyable to listen to. What kind of person is Vika and why on earth did she collect my notes from our lesson even though they were clearly illegible? Which person already interviewed on the podcast does Vika have a connection to?

Who do we look in men and women when we look around for a potential partner? How are men and women different as for their preferences? What is some of our personal experience? You will definitely find the answers to these questions and much more such as useful or less useful tips on how to pick up girls. I may have talked too much in this episode at times. I promise you will get more of Vika in part 2, though.

Part 2

This edition is a direct continuation of the previous one. I and Vika keep chatting about relationships. We attempt to divide types of relationships, we touch upon the questions such as “Does the best friend exist?”, “Is it possible to be a friend with woman if you are a man?” Is one night stand more for men?” “Should men cry?” and a lot more.

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