Blog Talks A Talk with Bill about Americans and Pastoring

A Talk with Bill about Americans and Pastoring

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This edition of the podcast features a native speaker Bill, a pastor from the USA. He came to visit a friend of his in the Czech Republic. We met in the school where I am teaching at the moment. He agreed to record an episode of Zdenek’s English Podcast.

In this interview we talk about Bill’s job, religion, and history. We try to confront common American stereotypes. The last but not least, Bill also tells us what it feels like to be visiting the Czech Republic.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the answer to questions such as: Why can’t Bill stand chicken? Does Bill’s faith order celibacy? What does Bill think about how Czech teens are dressed? What sport did Bill use to play? Why do Americans eat so much?

Don’t forget that part two of this interview, where we’ll deal with the questions from the listeners, will follow in due course.

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