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Všechny způsoby jak se můžeš sám učit cizí jazyky, příp. jak se mohou lidé navzájem zdokonalovat v cizím jazyce. Najdeš tady cizojazyčné články, vysvětlení určité problematiky v daném cizím jazyce, zkušenosti s komunikací s cizinci, nabídku na komunikaci v cizím jazyce např. přes skype a jiné.

Everything that can help you study foreign languages by yourself or can help people to improve each ohter. Here you can find articles, explanations, experience in communication with strangers. People can offer here communication via internet.

Anglický podcast

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This is a brand new improvised episode in which I decided to go through some of the sticky notes found in my room and...
Anglický podcast

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This episode of the podcast is a direct continuation of the intriguing dialogue I had with the American pastor Bill in episode no.92. This...
Anglický podcast

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This edition of the podcast features a native speaker Bill, a pastor from the USA. He came to visit a friend of his in...
Anglický podcast

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For this episode I decided to skypecall my colleague José from Chile. I call him my colleague for two reasons. First, he is a teacher...
Anglický podcast

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Do you remember Monika from the episode A Word with a Future Manager Living in London? And do you remember how Monika invited me...
Anglický podcast

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This episode was recorded on the day I took the final test with my foreign students. In the evening, we went to a bar...
Anglický podcast

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In this episode I and my cousin go for a beer and we made an amazing decision to play a spontaneous game in which...
Anglický podcast

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This brand new episode partially reveals the truth behind how I managed to get hold of my master's degree. I will be reading you...
Anglický podcast

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This episode features a native speaker - Kevin from the USA, an English teacher working in Brazil. He can, in my opinion, be considered...
Anglický podcast

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This double episode is devoted my listeners. In each part you can listen to an audio message I received from a listener of the...