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Anglický podcast

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Last week I was in the town centre about to go back home. It had been snowing the night before so I thought it...
Anglický podcast

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Hello folks, this is the last concluding episode of the trilogy about funny idioms (40-42). I have never worked more on a single episode...
Anglický podcast

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In the first episodes of the year 2014 I take a look at idioms which I consider to be funny. Part 1: First of all,...
Anglický podcast

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Hello guys, this is by far the craziest edition of "Road to Civilization" kind of episode recorded so far. I and my cousin Honza...
Anglický podcast

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Hello visitors of I recorded this episode as a response to an email I received from a fan of Zdenek's English Podcast. I...
Anglický podcast

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Hello everyone, right before Christmas I have got a treat for you: Two episodes. In the 'Homophones 1' episode I take a look at...
Anglický podcast

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Hello everyone, for this edition of podcast I interviewed my friend Manuel from Peru. What does it feel like for a guy from Latin...
Anglický podcast

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In these two episodes you might find me a bit crazier than in the previous editions. I try to do various experiments with my...
Anglický podcast

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In this episode I went for a beer with four students who were taking a summer course in Czech language in the same town...
Anglický podcast

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Would you like to know what one of my conversation lessons may actually be like? Well, this is your chance because I recorded an...