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When I was about sixteen years old, I developed severe health problems which prevented me from leading a normal life for a while. Deprived of all confidence, secluded from friends, having hit the proverbial rock bottom, I pondered what to do to keep my mind off the harsh reality. To this day, I have not been able to determine what made me take the decision I took. All I know is that from the moment I opted to focus all my energy on learning English, my life took on a completely new dimension.

Discovering the hidden beauty of a fascinating language has gradually become my joy of labour, my obsession, my other self. English has taken me places (more in the figurative sense of the word), it opened many a door hitherto locked for me, it teleported me into a world where everything was and is possible. It became my pillar of strength when I had no shoulder to cry on, it became my haven when the world around me was going crazy, it became a reassuring element my life so desperately needed.

When I am talking about English, I am not thinking of academic success or a certain degree of prestige which, sort of, comes with the territory. What I have in mind is the spiritual value many people may not realize. Everybody needs to spend their time doing things which add meaning to their existence. Some people find meaning in mundane things, others long for greatness. What keeps my world turning is the knowledge that whenever I feel lonely, unappreciated, misunderstood, whenever I feel like I am worthless, I know I can drift to a world of black humour and unrolled R’s, to a world of a mellifluous name – English…

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