Blog Inspirace NiL: Cat saves a boy – level 1

NiL: Cat saves a boy – level 1

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One internet video has 20 million views. The video shows a boy. He is on a bike. A dog attacks the boy. The dog bites his leg. The boy falls off the bike.

A cat helps the boy. Her name is Tara. She attacks the dog. It runs away.

People like the cat. They call her a hero. The cat starts a baseball game. A lot of people come. They want to see the cat.

Difficult words

  • attack – hurt
  • bite – use teeth to attack
  • hero – somebody who does something good

Easy? Read this article in Level 2.
You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Photo Credit: creativegaz via Compfight cc

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