Blog Inspirace NiL: Man catches a bank robber – level 1

NiL: Man catches a bank robber – level 1

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This happens in south London. A man is in a bank. He waits. A robber comes to the bank. He has a gun. He wants to steal money.

The man looks at the robber’s gun. He sees that it is fake. He tells the robber to leave. When the robber leaves, the man catches him. Police come and the robber goes to jail for life. The man from the bank is brave. Police thank him and give him £1,200.

Difficult words

  • robber – person who steals something
  • fake – not real
  • for life – he will be in jail until he dies
  • brave – he is not scared

  • Easy? Read this article in Level 2.
  • You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.
Photo Credit: foilman via Compfight cc

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