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NiL: Solar plane – level 1

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People work on a plane. It takes them 12 years. This plane is special. It is a solar plane. It uses sunlight to fly.

The plane is not heavy. It is only as heavy as a car. It has 17,000 solar cells. These things turn light into electricity. The plane can fly during the day. It also collects energy during the day. This energy is used for night flying. The plane can fly for weeks or months. It does not need to stop.

People are testing the plane. If everything goes well, the plane will fly around the world. The flight will take five days and nights. The flight will happen in March 2015.

Difficult words

  • solar cells – things that turn light into electricity
  • collect – get
  • flight – the action of flying
Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano via Compfight cc

News written for English language learners in three levels.

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