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Language learning apps 2

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In the second part of the article on the topic of language applications we will focus on listening applications and grammar but will also add some games and activities.

Many students struggle with listening activities and some applications that they can take along anytime can considerably help with the training of these skills. One of the good applications is Ted. It is a mobile version of the website that contains countless number of conversations.

The second frequently used source of podcasts is the website of the British Council that introduced a mobile version of Learn English Podcasts. The application enables listening to and reading a transcription of a twenty-minute show for the elementary level. There are in total 20 podcasts available including a transcription and exercise.

If you or your students like to use the website Voice of America, download a mobile version Easy VOA English. Easy VOA English enables access to web-based audio recordings, thus offering support in the form of translation of words and creation of a vocabulary. The application is also available with supported Czech language.

Spreaker is another application that not only enables access to podcasts but also enables recording and sharing of own recordings. If your students showed interest in applications focused on grammar, they can try Practice English Grammar 1 and Practice English Grammar 2.

If interested in a learning application focused on foreign languages, Duolingo is the one that can only be recommended. Popular games usable in a class include for example repetition of vocabulary or grammar with passing a bomb. Using the application Pass the bomb you can now make the game more authentic and more fun.

Finally, we could mention two very interesting apps that enable sharing presentations, games, and questionnaires with students. The first application is Nearpod that enables sharing of presentations, cooperation of a teacher with a student, or interactive use of tests. With Socrative you can share applications with your students such as multiple choice, short answer questions, space race, exit tickets, quick quiz or import questions.

At present, there is a countless number of applications that can diversify teaching for you and learning for students, you just need to orientate in the market and chose the applications that will impress you as well as the students.

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