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NiL: Biggest dinosaur – level 1

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Here is news from Argentina. Scientists find some fossils. The bones are very old. They are the bones of dinosaurs. The bones are around 90 million years old.

Scientists in Argentina discovered bones of one of the world’s largest dinosaurs. The fossils belonged to a sauropod and they are around 90 million years old.

The bones are important to the scientists. The bones are very big. There are a lot of them, too. Experts find some teeth, as well. The teeth can tell them what this animal ate.

Difficult words

scientist – clever person who is an expert in something

fossil – old bone that turned into rock

expert- person who knows a lot of about something

Easy? Read this article in Level 2.

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin via Compfight cc

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