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Reading is essential part of the school lessons and most of the private lessons of foreign language. Let’s think a little about what you usually read. Most of these are textbooks full of meaningless text. Typically they’re focused on practicing topics and have no information value. So you have already read all posts on this site several times and want more to read. What to do about it?

Reading books in a foreign language is one of the best ways to expand vocabulary and broaden the knowledge of a foreign language. Although it is a bit more challenging than watching movies, it is much more effective. It connects several teaching methods together. Students are expanding their vocabulary and getting to know phrases and idioms that they won’t learn in a language course. And the most important benefit is that student can learn to think in a foreign language.

Most language teachers do agree that reading in foreign language boosts student’s progress by many months of study ahead. Today in our country there are available many special editions of foreign language publications. In addition to foreign language fiction in the original version there are also simplified books for students of foreign languages??, mirror texts, foreign language magazines etc. In the Czech Republic, however, foreign-language literature is unfortunately not very affordable.

One of the possible ways how to solve problem with high price of foreign language literature is to visit the library of foreign literature. Books in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages are available to borrow among others in the library of foreign languages which is located in one of language schools in Brno: Correct Language Centre that you can find in the centre of the city on the street Kozí 2.

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