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Practice English by listening to music: Accents

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We already know how does the British English sound. Now it’s time to look closely at other accents. People from different countries also have different accents. The more characteristic it is the more difficult to understand it can be. Let’s have a look at some songs with different accents. Maybe you know these song, maybe not.

Jamaica: Who is more suitable to show you Jamaican accent than Bob Marley. The song No Woman, No Cry is commonly misunderstood as ‘No woman = no cry’ but it means: ‘Don’t cry, woman.

Australia: Typical Australian way of speaking gave birth to a musical genre Australian hip hop. Hilltop Hoods and their Nosebleed Section and rapper Drapht with song Jimmy Recard are good examples of this genre.

Germany: A trace of german accent can be heard in english version of song Amerika by Rammstein. Unfortunately this video doesn’t contain lyrics but I think it’s easily understandable despite this fact.

France: French English can be demonstrated on Sexy by French Affair.

Japan: Japanese English is very well shown by a band called Teryiaki Boyz and their song Tokyo Drift from the movie Fast & Furious: Tokio Drift. It’s kind of language hybrid of English and Japanese so the Japanese parts are translated into English below.

Russia: An image of Russian English can be obtained in English version of the song ‘Ja Soshla S Uma’  by Tatu. In English: ‘All The Things She Said’.

Eastern Europe: How do people from eastern Europe speak? See this harsh parody of Gangnam Style – Eastern Europe Style.

India: The Indian English is quite well perceptible in this:

Czech Republic: And the icing on the cake: czech ‘singer’ Nicky Tučková a and her megahit Rich Boy. We have to be proud on her.

Photo Credit: I .. C .. U via Compfight cc
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